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Visiting editor from Moldova – January 2020

In October 2019 TGL hosted Dr Natalia Cebotarenco from Moldova to participate in a two week observership at our Melbourne office. This provided an opportunity for Dr Cebotarenco to learn about the TGL guideline production process, observe an expert group meeting in action and visit other local organisations working in the quality use of medicines field. TGL staff were also interested to learn about the health system in Moldova.

On her return to Moldova, Dr Cebotarenco plans to disseminate what she learnt during her time at TGL with colleagues in her region through a Russian-language quality use of medicines newsletter. She hopes to raise awareness of the importance of strong quality assurance processes and conflict of interest policies in guideline development, and to build support for better guidelines in the region.

For more information on TGL’s Visiting Editor Program see here and here.

Fiji Antibiotic Guidelines – January 2020

The review of the Fiji Antibiotic Guidelines began in 2017 led by local physician and antimicrobial stewardship champion, Dr Ravi Naidu, with the support of two Melbourne-based ID physicians who work with the Fiji National University.

In 2019, Therapeutic Guidelines was able to assist with the finalising the guidelines with funding from the World Health Organization. The guidelines have been adapted from Therapeutic Guidelines: Antibiotic to be relevant for the Fiji setting. TGL was able to provide editorial support for the guidelines and provided recommendations for the National Medicines and Therapeutics Committee on changes to antimicrobials included in the Fiji Essential Medicines List.

The guidelines are the culmination of the hard work of many individuals with over 40 people from the Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical services, Fiji National University, representatives from the private health sector in Fiji and TGL contributing their time and expertise to the project. The guidelines were officially launched in World Antibiotic Awareness Week with a series of workshops to assist with their implementation. The updated guidelines are a key tool to strengthen antimicrobial stewardship in Fiji and are available for health practitioners on the Fiji Guideline Host app.

For more information on how the TGL International Program supports guideline development, please contact [email protected].

Grant provided for ISIUM Conference, Bangkok 2020 – October 2019

The Therapeutic Guidelines Foundation is proud to announce we are providing a grant to support the inaugural ISIUM Conference, Bangkok 2020.

The International Society to Improve the Use of Medicines (ISIUM) is an Australian registered charity which was established to raise awareness and promote the best use of medicines throughout the world to improve health and the management of disease in human beings, including all situations that involve or affect health and the use of medicines in the wider environment.

The conference theme is: ‘People Improving the Use of Medicines: What We Know & Don’t Know’ and will be held in partnership with the Drug System Monitoring and Development Centre (DMDC), Chulalongkorn University, and the Thai RDU Subcommittee of the Thai Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

With a focus on sharing knowledge and experience on improving the use of medicines, the main objectives of the conference are:

  • To understand rational use of medicines and therapeutic practices in terms of new knowledge and perspectives.
  • To share experiences in peoples’ education and empowerment in improving the use of medicines and therapeutic practices.
  • To explore what governments and other stakeholders should and could do to ensure the safe and effective use of medicines, and how they may be held to account.
  • To define priority areas for future ISIUM work on improving the use of medicines and its promotion, with a focus on people’s empowerment.

The ISIUM conference will held in Bangkok, Thailand from 26 to 28 January 2020. For more information, see