Fiji Antibiotic Guidelines – January 2020

The review of the Fiji Antibiotic Guidelines began in 2017 led by local physician and antimicrobial stewardship champion, Dr Ravi Naidu, with the support of two Melbourne-based ID physicians who work with the Fiji National University.

In 2019, Therapeutic Guidelines was able to assist with the finalising the guidelines with funding from the World Health Organization. The guidelines have been adapted from Therapeutic Guidelines: Antibiotic to be relevant for the Fiji setting. TGL was able to provide editorial support for the guidelines and provided recommendations for the National Medicines and Therapeutics Committee on changes to antimicrobials included in the Fiji Essential Medicines List.

The guidelines are the culmination of the hard work of many individuals with over 40 people from the Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical services, Fiji National University, representatives from the private health sector in Fiji and TGL contributing their time and expertise to the project. The guidelines were officially launched in World Antibiotic Awareness Week with a series of workshops to assist with their implementation. The updated guidelines are a key tool to strengthen antimicrobial stewardship in Fiji and are available for health practitioners on the Fiji Guideline Host app.

For more information on how the TGL International Program supports guideline development, please contact [email protected].