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Therapeutic Guidelines – an essential resource for pharmacy education – February 2019

Fiji National University (FNU) is the only institution which offers a degree level qualification in pharmacy in Fiji – and one of only two universities in the region – meaning that a large proportion of pharmacists in Pacific Island countries are FNU graduates.

Through the Developing Countries Program, TGL provides institutional access to eTG complete, the digital version of Therapeutic Guidelines, for all staff and students at FNU studying nursing, medicine and pharmacy.

The pharmacy lecturers have been particularly keen to promote this resource in their teaching. They use eTG complete not just as a reference but as an integral component of the clinical therapeutics course. Case-based learning is an important part of the curriculum, with students expected to source and apply information appropriately to real-world scenarios and eTG complete often contains the information they need. The teaching staff find that this style of learning improves students’ critical thinking and helps to prepare them for practice.

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Making a difference in Solomon Islands and Fiji – February 2019

In September 2018, program manager Mieke Hutchinson-Kern visited Solomon Islands and Fiji to find out what users of the Guideline Host apps really thought of them and how they were being used in practice. The Guideline Host app was created by Therapeutic Guidelines to help developing countries improve the availability and use of locally developed guidelines.

The response from health practitioners in both countries was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. In Solomon Islands, a survey of attendees at the weekly medical education session at the National Referral Hospital showed that most had already downloaded the app, all said that they found the app useful, and many were already using it every day.

At Lautoka hospital in Fiji not everyone had heard about the app, but a quick demonstration led to an additional 102 downloads of Fiji Guideline Host in the week following the visit!

Mieke also heard some great stories of the app in practice. A paediatrician in Solomon Islands explained that he was contacted by a nurse on an outer island about the best management for a child who had presented to the clinic. Rather than telling the nurse this information over a poor mobile connection, the doctor took screenshots of the relevant pages in the Solomon Islands Standard Treatment Guidelines for Children and sent them to the nurse via SMS. He was then able to implement this treatment for his patient – and subsequently downloaded the app too.

Acting National Referral Hospital (NRH) Medical Superintendent Dr Rooney Jagilly also thanked the Developing Countries Program for their support in developing the app:

“Having access to multiple local treatment guidelines on one’s phones anytime improves the efficiency and effectiveness by which a Solomon Islands health worker can treat their patients and thus improve the quality of care they provide.”

The NRH Paediatrics team using the Guideline Host app in Honiara, Solomon Islands

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Visiting editor from Argentina – April 2018

In April 2018 Therapeutic Guidelines hosted a visiting doctor from Argentina to participate in a two-week guideline development training course. Dr Mariscal was the eighth recipient of the TGL ‘Visiting Editor Fellowship’ since 2008. The training aims to equip visiting health professionals from low and middle-income countries with the skills needed to develop guidelines within their own countries to suit their local health context.

Dr Mariscal plans to incorporate training around the development and use of guidelines into the medical degree at the University of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

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