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Complimentary Access to eTG complete

The Developing Countries Program offers complimentary access to Therapeutic Guidelines resources to those living and working in low or middle-income countries. Since April 2016, we have supplied eTG complete accounts to over 335 users across 38 countries. An eTG complete account allows subscribers to access all Therapeutic Guidelines topics online or via our Apple and Android Apps for hand held devices. The spread of mobile 3G networks globally as well as the increased availability of smart phones have meant the online version of Therapeutic Guidelines, known as eTG complete, is far more accessible in the developing world than previously possible. We do still occasionally receive requests for books, and hard copy books have been provided on 19 occasions to 16 countries over the last 2 years.

To discuss complimentary access to Therapeutic Guidelines for those living or working in a developing country please contact the Developing Countries Program Manager at [email protected]

Guideline Development Training

Thanks to funding from Therapeutic Guidelines Foundation, Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd has been able to host a number of visitors from low and middle-income countries to provide guideline development training. This is in addition to in-country training opportunities which we have covered in previous news items. Our latest visitors were 13 Australian Awards Fellows, from the Ministries of Health in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Kiribati. The Fellowship, run by the Burnet Institute in Melbourne, focused on providing training on Antimicrobial Resistance and Antimicrobial Stewardship. Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd focused on providing education and training in the development and dissemination of local Antibiotic Guidelines.

Clinical Updates

With the aim of improving the dissemination of up to date clinical information to our contacts in low and middle-income countries, the Developing Countries Program Medical Advisor, Professor Rob Moulds, produces a monthly ‘Clinical Update’. The updates focus on topics from recently reviewed and updated Therapeutic Guidelines, relevant to the health setting in a low and middle-income country. The Clinical Update is sent via email to our complimentary eTG complete subscribers on a monthly basis. eTG complete is the integrated digital version of the complete set of Therapeutic Guidelines resources produced by TGL.

To join the clinical update mailing list please contact the Developing Countries Program Manager at [email protected]