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Visiting editor from Argentina – April 2018

In April 2018 Therapeutic Guidelines hosted a visiting doctor from Argentina to participate in a two-week guideline development training course. Dr Mariscal was the eighth recipient of the TGL ‘Visiting Editor Fellowship’ since 2008. The training aims to equip visiting health professionals from low and middle-income countries with the skills needed to develop guidelines within their own countries to suit their local health context.

Dr Mariscal plans to incorporate training around the development and use of guidelines into the medical degree at the University of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

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Guideline Host apps – May 2018

In late April 2018 the Developing Countries Program released a new app, aimed at improving the availability and use of locally developed clinical treatment guidelines in the Solomon Islands and Fiji.

‘Solomon Islands Guideline Host’ allows Solomon Islander health workers to access the Solomon Islands Antibiotic Guidelines, Solomon Islands Paediatric Guidelines and the local Essential Medicines List via an offline accessible app for smart phones and tablet computers. This electronic access allows the Ministry of Health to disseminate guidelines without having to rely on printed paper versions, which are expensive, susceptible to the humid conditions of the Pacific and easy to lose.

‘Fiji Guideline Host’ allows Fijian health workers to access the Fiji Cardiovascular Guidelines and Fiji Essential Medicines List via a quick and easy to use app.

The Developing Countries Program hopes to extend the offer of hosting local guidelines via apps to more countries in the future, improving access to guidelines and enhancing patient care.

Guideline Development Training

Thanks to funding from Therapeutic Guidelines Foundation, Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd has been able to host a number of visitors from low and middle-income countries to provide guideline development training. This is in addition to in-country training opportunities which we have covered in previous news items. Our latest visitors were 13 Australian Awards Fellows, from the Ministries of Health in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Kiribati. The Fellowship, run by the Burnet Institute in Melbourne, focused on providing training on Antimicrobial Resistance and Antimicrobial Stewardship. Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd focused on providing education and training in the development and dissemination of local Antibiotic Guidelines.