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eTG Complete in use at National University of Samoa

eTG Complete access for National University of Samoa (NUS)

The Developing Countries Program has provided access to eTG Complete to the School Of Medicine in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the National University of Samoa. Currently, the school has 51 medical students across 6 years of study. 20 students are completing their clinical years (years 4-6) and have provided feedback that access to Therapeutic Guidelines has been very helpful to them in their studies.

The medical school was established in 2015. As a new school, having access to up to date online resources is of great benefit to both staff and students at the University. Finding the resource hugely useful, the medical school has  extended an invitation to NUS nursing students and clinicians to take advantage of eTG Complete within the faculty of medicine library.


Subscribe to the Developing Countries Program Clinical Updates

The Developing Countries Program has launched a new initiative to provide the latest and most relevant clinical practice information to health professionals working in developing countries.

Launched in October 2017, the program provides monthly Clinical Updates to Developing Countries Program eTG complete subscribers. The updates focus on recently reviewed and updated guidelines published in eTG complete. For the first clinical update, we have selected the topic “gout”, which was extensively revised in Therapeutic Guidelines Rheumatology version 3 published in 2017.

The Developing Countries Program Medical Advisor, Professor Rob Moulds, former Chair of the Rheumatology Expert Group, has written this update. In this and future updates, he will be sharing his views and insights into the latest information from TGL guidelines with a particular focus on information that may be relevant to local developing countries health care settings.

To subscribe to the Developing Countries Program Clinical Updates, please contact the Developing Countries Program Manager at [email protected]

From left: Dr Cynthia Kuanch (final year dermatology registrar), Dr Joicey Otmar (Dermatology Registrar), Dr Niyati Sharma (visiting Dermatologist to PNG), Prof John Vince, Deputy Dean at University of PNG, Port Moresby General Hospital.

Donation to Papua New Guinea- October 2016

The Developing Countries Program donated a set of Therapeutic Guidelines books for use in the library of the Medical School of the University of PNG in Port Moresby, where they are much appreciated by staff and students in the program.

Dr Niyati Sharma ( pictured ) was a member of Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd’s expert group for Dermatology 4. In October 2016, she travelled to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, to teach dermatology registrars at the Port Moresby General Hospital and University of Papua New Guinea Medical School.

This was a significant contribution as the medical school library resources were very depleted and these Therapeutic Guideline books will make a real difference to students and staff – and then to future patient outcomes in PNG.