History of the Visiting Editor Program

In 2007 TGL established a visiting editor fellowship program. Each year, the program funded one health professional from a low or middle income country to visit TGL and provide them with individually tailored editorial training to help them develop their own independent information resources.

To identify potential candidates, TGL liaised with the World Health Organization and the International Society of Drug Bulletins. All the fellows selected were actively involved in the development of their own country-specific guidelines or drug bulletins.

During their time at TGL, the fellows participated in tailored training sessions with members of staff. Learning activities ranged from practical workshops on editing and efficient use of software, to designing and marketing therapeutic information. Sessions are also provided education on the role of guidelines and independent information, using the internet for research and interpreting the evidence.

Visiting fellows were provided with opportunities to meet with members of the TGL expert groups.

Since the program started in 2007, TGL has hosted visiting editors from India, Cuba, Tonga, Palau, The Philippines, Kiribati, Nigeria and Argentina.

For more information, please go to the Visiting Editor Program page.