Complimentary access to Therapeutic Guidelines resources

Independent and reliable clinical information about the most effective therapies is hard to access and often out of date in less-well resourced countries. Many hospitals and clinics cannot afford to develop local guidelines or purchase international resources.

To assist in closing this gap, the International Program provides free access to all guidelines developed by Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd across 14 medical disciplines, covering around 3,000 topic areas. The guidelines are available in book and digital formats.

In Australia, undergraduate medical, pharmacy and nursing students, junior hospital doctors, hospital pharmacists, general practitioners and community pharmacists consult TGL guidelines to find out about the best available treatment options for their patients. The International Program is working to offer these resources to clinicians in the developing world and close the gap in access to reliable point of care treatment guidelines.

If you are working in a low or middle income country and would like access to TGL guidelines, please email [email protected]


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