Visiting Editor Program

The Visiting Editor Program provides training for health professionals working in developing countries who want to learn how to develop concise, point of care guidelines for use in their local health care settings.

The Visiting Editor Program offers two forms of training:  in-country training for individuals or groups of individuals; and Australian-based training.

If you work in a low or middle income country and are preparing to develop or update local, standard treatment guidelines, contact the international program manager to discuss training options.

To learn more about the history of this program, visit the History of Visiting Editor Program page.

Therapeutic Guidelines set of books.

Guideline Development Manual

A Guideline Development Manual has been produced for low and middle-income countries to use as a framework for developing local guidelines. Supplying this manual to countries embarking on the task of writing new or updating existing guidelines is intended to provide guidance on the steps involved in the guideline development process. It is hoped that provision of this manual will allow local national medicines and therapeutics committees to better understand the steps involved in guideline production and highlight where they may have gaps in local resources and where assistance is available from TGL.

For more information contact the international program manager to discuss how we can support your guideline development process.

Therapeutic Guidelines books being used in India.

International Program

Therapeutic Guidelines Foundation is a charity that promotes the quality use of medicines and supports the creation and dissemination of independent, therapeutic information.

Therapeutic Guidelines Foundation aims to improve health outcomes in low and middle income countries by providing local health professionals with access to high quality guidelines and guideline development training programs.

The Foundation’s current priority is to support access to therapeutic guidelines in low and middle income countries and build local capacity in the development and implementation of independent treatment guidelines.

To find out more, visit the Program Activities page.